In an ongoing interrogation into the latent energy held within food, I make visual and palpable an excess that is often silenced or not seen.Creating compositions in sculptural and pictorial space; images, sculpture and repossessed crafts produce instillations that explore exhibition-making as an exercise in syntax. Adopting linguistic and grammatical structures within my installations as a way of confusing the cognitive repose formed towards information delivery.


The imagery concerned originates from my own perverse fascination with foodstuffs and the absurd, grotesque way in which it is advertised and then normalised. Exploring the potential of an image’s repetition and rhythm, connections are made through the rhythmic liner pattern of an outline. Here a pizza advert dripping with cheese can perform as erotically as pornography or as elegantly and elaborately as a an arabesque in ballet. In the continual pushing of these rhythms the way that media and advertising influence, socialise, empower or render us void are pursued to a kaleidoscopic affect of blurred euphoria. 


Constructing a vocabulary of pictures and symbols embedded in the handmade and mass-produced I explore representations of the body and the formation of taste, value and excess. Moments of the uncanny and moments of rhetoric’s speak together of the idea of carbohydrate as a staple but also of the indulgence of late capitalist excess and adornment that is both glamorous and vulgar.